Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good bye blogger

After many months of good service and love, I, like many loving couples out there, have decided that I no longer need you blogger. I am moving on to greener pastures. We don't want the same things anymore and I have met someone who makes me happier! I would just like to assure you that its not you its me! You deserve someone better and I hope they find you.

Good bye and if you ever need anything please get in touch with me here!

Hebu adjust your links Y'all

Monday, July 23, 2007

Tagged again?

Ati I was been tagged again (twice!) doesn't anyone respect bloggers block anymore? Who is responsible for this tagging business? WHO? OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!

Seeing as I have done this before, I have nothing more to add. So let me steal the format from Klara (yeah kwani there is someone who doesn't know how lazy I am?)

1. Where is your cell phone...switched off
2 Relationship... Cheating
3 Your hair....Dreadlocks
4 Work... Sax
5 Your sisters....Love them (xcept one)

6 Your favorite things.... Football, sex, beer, novels
7 Your dream last night...A bit disturbing
8 Your favorite drink....Water
9 Your dream car....Any convertible
10 The room you're in....UGLY

11 Your shoes... Flat/snickers
12 Your fears....dying alone
13 What do you want to be in 10 years.....still pissed at the world
14 Who did you hang out with this weekend.....Cheating husband (see 2 above)
15 What are you not good at..... Being pitied

16 Muffins? Rarely
17 Wish-list item..Seychelles
18 Where you grew up...School

19 The last thing you did...plagiarised this format!
20 What are you wearing...Jeans

21 What are you not wearing... Aiiii
22 Your favorite pet...NONE

23 Your computer...needs to be flushed in the toilet!
24 Your life...could do with some colour
25 Your mood...wishy washy

26 Missing...Family
27 What are you thinking about....the weekend (see 2 above)
28 Your dream location.....Seychelles
29 Your Ex.....Had better be miserable and/or dead!
30 Your Favorite Item... Ipod

31 Your favorite color....Blue
32 Last time you laughed... This morning
33 Last time you cried...2006
34 School....Should be banned
35 Love ..Forbidden is the best! (see 2 above)

Haki do I want to do this to anyone?
  • Haya Kirima si I jua how much you hate this tagging business! And just to prove that you aint dead!
  • EGM just to reiterate my love for you!
  • That joke blog!
Enjoy your week Y'all

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Patting myself on the back!

Hey Y'all...........
I know, I know. But life is hard when you are living in the bush.
But me like many others before me have lost blog Mojo! so I am writing this to inform everyone that I have lost blog mojo ( seeeee!)

Anyways, to all my cheering fans, I would like to update you and tell you that I have still not visited Koinange street! Meaning am still smoke free! (jig). Six weeks and counting ( sticking tongue out at all Doubting Thomases)

As for that idiot! (yeah that one- previous post) you will all be very proud to know that I have not yielded to tempation. He is still in the past!

And since this post is titled Patting my self, let me do the final pat by saying am still on the Bilaz train! (yes it is a good thing)

Ok enjoy yourselves....
BTW what happened to Sis bigbones? Any ideas?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Its just you and your hand tonight (for life)

Kill me D.E.A.D

Si every one knows am a lazy ass who can't write more than one post a week, but here Iam doing my third of the week! There is a reason people, am not one to break tradition for nothing!

Anyway remember this?
For those who can't be bothered to click, the gist of the story is boy meets girl, boy loves girl, girl loves boy. Boy meets another girl, boy marries other girl! Yada yada yada, heartbreaks galore....Then Karma pays a visit. Seriously click and read its much easier.

Half is to wake up this morning to find an email in my inbox: I will copy part of it:

I know you have heard that (blip name) and I broke up. It does seem like am writing to you because am alone now. But you know me better than that. Even before we broke up with (blip) I had started questioning my decision to break up with you....................
On and on it went in the same vein!

Oh thank you sooo very much, here I was sitting under the mugumo tree for years just waiting for this. As you know my life came to a stand still ever since you left, I have spent the last few years visiting witchdoctors in ukambani and Bakari in coast all in the hopes that you will come back to me!

What is wrong with your ass? Ati I know you better than what? *sticking out tongue* Kubaff! you think you are who? Coming here to disrupt my life! Kwani am I your mother you come crying to me after you have been taught a lesson by life? I need one very (and I mean really really) good reason why I should even read your email! Why I did not block you years ago I dont know, but I guess I thought I would never hear from you again!

Does this man have a disorder or somethin? What on God's earth could have prompted him to think that I will consider what he is saying? Enyewe dudes hebu help me out here? and NO I have never given him any hint that I may take him back!

Aki wacha tu I fika kenya, am calling my dead grandmother, this HINDIOT must disappear! As Pink says: Its just you and your hand tonight!

To more pleasant update:

BAT- minus 2 ( ti hi hi hi)

H 'n'H- 3

Cheering Squad - 3

D1- 4

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One of my favourite programs on radio is a BBC program called culture shock! basically reporters go around the world looking for strange trends. So jana ama was it Juzi they had this trend from Antwerp of A hug for a truffle! how it works is that if you see a lonely looking person you give them a chocolate truffle in exchange for a hug! (reverse psychology or something). Anyway for a brief moment I felt all warm and fuzzy thinking of all those hurried looking people in Nairobi who could really use a hug. But then I imagined all the handbags that would go flying on dudes heads! What with all the muggings that takes place in Nairobi! Oh guess not.

Sometimes we get really really bored and have this stupid arguments and questions, so here are some of them: Will reveal my answers in my next post!

  • Rank in order of liking: Alcohol, sex, football.(or your favourite sport)
  • For the dudes, your mum or your wife/gfriend?
  • For the dudettes, your dad or your husband/boyfriend?
  • What is the most stupid thing you have done for love (lust)
  • What lie have you ever told to get a shag?
Smoking update:
Still not smoking! But on Saturday, one of our colleague who had been away came back from home. Obviously he had lots of alcohol and he is also a smoker. Anyway at some point I fungiad him jicho so that he could give me a puff....... slipper guy was not looking. But when he handed me the cigarette, I loooooked at it, and just gave it back to him!
Iam I proud of myself or what?

Haya mujienjoi